segunda-feira, 21 de abril de 2014

Somebody knew.

"Please wrap your drunken arms around me and I'll let you call me yours tonight 'cause slightly broken's just what I need and if you give me what I want then I'll give you what you like. Please tell me I'm your one and only or lie, and say at least tonight. I've got a brand new cure for lonely and if you give me what I want then I'll give you what you like. When you turn off the lights I get stars in my eyes. Is this love? Maybe someday. So don'’t turn on the lights. I'll give you what you like. (...) By now it's early in the morning now that I gave you what you want all I want is to forget."

Avril Lavigne - Give Me What You Like

In the cold nights,
You used to be by my side
Always holding me tight.

Your arms looked like a cage,
But I knew
It was a safe place.

My skin under yours
Your skin under mine
It was like this,
Until the sunrise.

You whispered in my ear
All I wanted to hear
And I started to feel
That I was finally healed.

Now you go back to where you from
I don't know where I belong,
To your arms or to the world?
I think is to Love.

(Texto escrito por Ingrid Sodré)

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  1. Wow, que texto bonito. É seu? Se for, parabéns. Adorei e me identifiquei. rs
    Obrigada pela vista no meu blog.

  2. Olá =)

    Adorei esse texto. Me lembra uma letra de música sabe?! Pela estrutura dele eu acho, rs. Me identifiquei *-*

    Beijos, Rob

  3. Gostei muito do texto, até o inglês é de fácil compreensão.
    Adorei ^.^